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My name is Chris and I have decided to start this blog because I frequently find myself exasperated at the way that media outlets twist and misconstrue information about climate change. My interest in the issue of climate change is rooted in my academic interests. I view myself as a physical geographer (‘What the hell is a physical geographer?’ I hear you ask – physical geography is broadly defined as the study of the processes and patterns in the natural environment, which means dealing with climate, rivers, hurricanes, landslides, earthquakes, etc.) as I have just graduated with a Bachelors in that field and am currently studying for a Master’s degree which focusses on quantifying and understanding risk associated with natural disasters. Within physical geography my main interests are climate change (both past (meaning waaaaay back over the past 2 million years) and present), sea level change, and hurricanes.

I am planning to split this blog into two main areas:

  • Article critiques – In these posts I will be critiquing individual articles and providing some easily understandable (using a lot of analogies) explanations for why what they are saying is either wrong or misleading.
  • General commentary – These posts will be commenting more generally on how the media are portraying the issue of climate change

The aim of this blog is to provide critical commentary on media material, primarily in the form of articles and video, in a format that is understandable. This means that I will try my best to write in a manner that assumes no specialist knowledge – I choose to do this so that this blog is accessible to all.

I would like to stress that I know that there may be angles on some of the issues that I did not address and that there will be things that I say that people may not agree with. I must stress that this is a good thing and that I would like to encourage people to comment on any of the posts with opinions of their own on the matter.

FYI: If you were interested – the big map of the world with the colourful ocean is a map of the temperature of the sea surface produced by the Global Ocean Observing System

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